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You can implement . by the following Python code: # Import Numpy package and the norm function import numpy as np from numpy.linalg import norm # Define a vector v = np.array([2,3,1,0]) # Take the q-norm which q=2 q = 2 v_norm = norm(v, ord=q) # Print values print('The vector: ', v) print('The vector norm: ', v_norm)

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x + y Add x - y Subtract x * y Multiply x / y Divide x // y Floor Divide x % y Modulo x ** y Power abs(x) Absolute Value These are the same operators as Integers, except for the bit-wise operators. Additional math functions are found in the math module. Absolute value of a number using fabs () in Python We would first get the numerical input from the user. Thereafter, fabs () function provided by math module is used to get the desired outcome. #Ask the user to input a number x=float (input ("Enter a number: ")) import math absolute=math.fabs (x) print ("The absolute value of ",x," is", absolute)

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Sep 28, 2014 · Python has builtin library called 'math' to perform mathematical operations. Following table contains the list of all mathematical functions and example of each function is given below. Examples of Above functions: abs (x) Returns the positive distance between x and zero, i.e the absolute value of x. Jul 21, 2014 · * To access mathematical functions beyond arithmetic, we must first import the math library. This is done usually at the beginning of each script (program). Syntax: import math Common math functions are what you would expect: math.ceil(x): ceiling math.fabs(x): absolute value math.factorial(x): factorial of x, integers only The abs(x) method is a predefined method in Python which is used to obtain the absolute value of a number. Description The method abs() returns absolute value of x - the (positive) distance between x and zero.

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The given number is : -2.34 Floor value is : -3 Ceiling value is : -2 Absolute value is : 2.34 Python Math exp(), expm1() and log() Math module exp() function is used to get e^x.. expm1() function returns (e^x)-1.For small value of x, direct calculation of exp(x)-1 may results in significant loss in precision while the expm1(x) can produce output in full precision.