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GI Sportz 13 cubic inch 3,000 psi compressed air bottle. The tank is compliant and meets all DOT, CGA, and ASTM standards. • The output pressure is between 800 and 825 psi. • 2 Year Limited Warranty. • Manufactured from high grade aluminum for increased strength and reduced weight. •

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For that brief moment the tank's temperature will drop slightly in accordance to the gas being pushed out, and as said before when temperature drops so does pressure, and when pressure drops you get less shots per tank. After the tank is closed off from the outside air, its temperature begins to normalize again, albeit slowly. Tippmann 13 ci 3000 psi Aluminum Compressed Air Tank.How many shots will a 13 cubic inch HPA tank pump out of a Tippmann TMC paintball marker? Let's find out!Shooting reballs at about 200fps.

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Good condition Milsig M17A2 with 6 magazines, custom painted. Dye i4 camo goggles, 100 genx rubber rounds in a dye alpha pod, genx paintball caddy, ar15 handguard adapter, ninja 13ci tank, and killhouse headhunter barrel 16 inches. outstanding Tippmann Electro-Pneumatic Technology. The OMEGA V2 brings you the best technology that you know from high level paintball into airsoft. If you want high performance, adjustability and shot consistency this is it! 94487 - Omega-PV Carbine w/ 13ci 94488 - Omega-PV CQB w/ 13ci 94487 - Carbine 94488 - CQB AIRSOFT RIFLES

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The TMC can be fully accessorized giving the player more unique options for Tactical Games, combining functionality with the World renowned Tippmann reliability for the next standard in MagFed products. This TMC comes with an adjustable Air-Thru Stock that can hold a 13ci 3000psi tank. (Tank sold separately) Full pneumatic marker